OUR MISSION: Ground Floor Funding LLC is committed to fueling entrepreneurship by providing equity capital investment to start-up and building stage companies. Job creation is a priority. In addition to capital commitments we offer other critical guidance to foster success — Organizational development, operational efficiencies, strategic planning, process management and continuous improvement.

Why We Do This

With an entrepreneurial spirit our company is a start up in its own right. Ground Floor Funding’s goal is to fund, nurture and help develop new, young companies that will create job opportunities and contribute economic growth to our community. Our belief in entrepreneurship guides us in our strategy to help make companies succeed. We recognize the need for new business development. Businesses that create jobs do more than just benefit the economy. They give people opportunity for earning power and a better life for themselves and their families.

What We Are Looking For

Ground Floor Funding is interested in partnering with entrepreneurs in a broad range of ideas and businesses.

  • A new or improved product or service
  • Large volume potential/Multiple location potential
  • Competitive point of difference
  • Potential for job creation
  • Ask! We’ll look at it. We looked at a comedy club! No joke.

Who We Are

Brad Schlossmann is the principal of Ground Floor Funding. The Schlossmann family has been in the retail automobile business for 50 years. Brad’s knowledge of starting, operating and selling businesses is being utilized to help assist entrepreneurs with great ideas. Recently Brad was interviewed by Brandstorm to discuss what drives Ground Floor Funding. To learn more, check out the podcast. Contact Brad at brad@groundfloorfunding.net.

Let’s Talk

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